10 Exercises You Can Do at the Beach


Everyone is getting ready for summer! That means there is going to be a lot of time at the beach to hang out, look good or maintain that beach body you worked so hard for. Maybe you didn’t get to your beach body goal, but you still want to enjoy the beach atmosphere? Well, there are some amazing exercises you can do on the beach that will actually enhance the activities you are doing while enhancing your physique! Here are some of the best beach workouts for 2018!

1. Spiderman Crawl

If you have a family, this is one you can do together and your children will be on board with it. Tell them they are going to pretend to be Spiderman! That’s exactly who this exercise is named after, after all. Think about the high flying superhero climbing walls, but only you are climbing the sand.

How do you do this one? Begin in a plank position and then bring your knees towards your hand. Keep doing this hand to knee motion. It’s great for your core and back muscles! It will not only keep you in shape, but you just might look like a superhero doing it!