10 Reasons Why You Should Never, Ever Wear Flip Flops


Don’t let the title of this article freak you out. We’re not suggesting you run into your closet, take out all of your flip flops and burn them. That would be a little dramatic. Flip flops are fine for going to the beach, lounging around the house, and they make perfectly fine shower shoes. With that said, they shouldn’t be your go-to shoe for every single second of every single day. Because although flip flops are super cute, they aren’t very good for your feet and here’s why:

Flip Flops Cause Blisters. Blisters and bruises are so real when you wear flip flops. Makes sense. After all, a flip flop isn’t exactly an amazingly executed shoe. It’s just a strap (a pretty flimsy one at that) that holds the entire shoe together. And that latex strap isn’t exactly nice to your skin. It rubs, tugs, and can cause blisters to form all over your feet. Ew!