10 Signs You’re Not Really Interested In The Person You’re Dating


Relationships can happen out of nowhere. One minute you’re going on your first date, and the next you’re talking about moving in together. Time flies; especially when you’re in a relationship.

Sometimes, the rush of dating can overwhelm you and stop you from asking yourself a very important question, “Am I really into this person?” Before things go any further, take some time to focus on yourself and the feelings you have. If you can relate to any of these 10 things, that most likely means you’re not really interested in the person you’re dating:

They Don’t Understand Your Sense Of Humor

How long can you really be with someone who doesn’t understand your sense of humor? Not long! You don’t need to have the same exact personality (that would get annoying) but you should find each other funny. They should laugh at your jokes the same way you laugh at theirs. If your conversations lack a very important thing called laughter, odds are this isn’t the person for you.