10 Skin Mistakes You’re Making Every Single Day


Admit it, you’re guilty of making skin mistakes (aka “skin sins”). Whether you have a habit of bringing your dirty phone to your face, frequently forgetting to cleanse after a workout, or constantly touching your face with your unwashed hands. You don’t always take the best care of your skin, and your mistakes could be the reason why you don’t have the glowing, flawless skin you want. Don’t worry though, you can easily make some changes. Here are the 10 skin mistakes you probably make every day that you need to fix immediately:

Washing Your Face In The Shower

A lot of people make the mistake of washing their face in the shower. Hot water is good for the skin, right? It opens up your pores. WRONG. That’s a myth. Washing your face with hot water can cause dryness and irritation. Avoid this problem by washing your face with lukewarm water before you get into the shower.