10 Tips For Throwing A Big Summer Party In A Tiny Apartment


What’s better than a summer party? Regardless of if you have a mansion or a studio apartment, you can still host a party for your friends and family. With that said, hosting a gathering in a small space is way different than hosting a gathering in a giant space. Don’t worry though, you can still pull it off — and in style. Here are a few tips for throwing a great summer bash in your miniature apartment:

Don’t Invite Too Many People

This should go without saying, but if you have a small apartment don’t invite hundreds of people over to your place. Your max, depending on your exact square footage, should probably not even hit 20 people. I know you might have a ton of friends and family but this isn’t the only party you’ll host in your life — you don’t have to invite every single person to this one gathering, okay?