10 Weird Things You Didn’t Know You Could Be Allergic To


Most of us experience allergies. Whether it be from the pollen in flowers, the neighborhood cat, or the freshly mowed lawn — we’ve all let out the occasional sneeze or two due to one of these common allergens. And while you might think people are typically only allergic to grass, trees, peanut butter, and animals there are some things people are allergic to that would blow your mind! Here are 10 weird and unusual allergies you probably had no idea existed:  


Not a lot of people are truly allergic to alcohol. They’re allergic to the ingredients found in alcohol. Wheat, yeast, hops, rye, barley, etc. If you’re allergic to one, or all, of these ingredients, you could probably still drink alcohol as long as you’re avoiding those gluten-proteins. But if you’re allergic to alcohol, no matter what’s in it, the only way you could overcome the allergy and symptoms associated with the allergy would be to avoid drinking completely.