8 Common Side Effects Of Weight Loss That Aren’t Necessarily Positive


One of the most common goals people have is to lose weight! They want to be thinner, toner and fit better in their favorite clothes. And while losing weight can make you feel and look great, there are some negatives to weight loss that people rarely ever really talk about. Here are some of the most common side effects people experience after they lose weight, that you should know 


This one might sound a little weird. You should feel amazing after shedding a few pounds, right? Not necessarily! A lot of people think their issues, prior to losing weight, are directly related to how much they weigh. But once they lose that weight and get the body of their dreams they realize nothing’s really changed — they’re still dealing with the same emotional and personal issues. If the reason you’re losing weight is to get healthy, you might be less likely to fall into a depression from your weight loss. But if the only reason you want to lose weight is so you can meet someone special, fall in love, and be rich — you might be disappointed.