9 Reasons Why People Are So Obsessed With Yoga

Why are people so obsessed with yoga? Seriously, I feel like I can’t go five minutes without reading or hearing someone say how “amazing of a workout” yoga is. I don’t get it! I’ve gone to a couple of yoga classes, myself. And while I typically feel great when I leave the class, I never feel like I’m getting a good, sweaty workout. But maybe I’m doing something wrong because, according to the world, yoga is a workout we should all be doing! Here 8 surprising benefits of yoga that prove you don’t have to sweat profusely to get an amazing workout.

It Keeps You Stress-Free

Yoga is considered a great exercise for relieving stress. Here’s the thing, though. It completely depends on what class you take and what kind of mood you’re in while you’re taking that class. I took a hot yoga class a few months ago that made me feel nauseous and stressed the entire hour and a half. But that was because I was so anxious and couldn’t relax.

There are yoga classes that are specifically targeted to mediation and making sure your mind stays clear and relaxed. Those classes will indeed keep you feeling stress-free.