Enjoy Fuller Hair Now Because it is Going to Fall Out!


Enjoy Fuller Hair Now Because it is Going to Fall Out!

It’s almost summer, but it is already hot outside for most of the United States. Bugs are out; mosquitos are biting, and air conditioners are running from coast to coast.

Another thing that many people will be able to count on is a fuller head of hair. The days are longer giving us the extra vitamin D that our bodies need, and our hair fills in to protect us fro the glaring sun.

However, Specialists maintain that throughout the last hot months of the year, August through October, our hair starts to shed more often – but don’t worry, it’s not due to early balding, but instead it’s because of the natural cycle of the body.

Follicles that held on tight throughout the year are no longer needed to function as a shield from the sun so that they just start to fall out.

“The scalp holds onto the hair during the sunniest months to protect the head from sunburns. Then in the early fall, late summer, it naturally begins to fall away.” Says Dr. Francesca Fusco, a medical and cosmetic dermatologist in New York City.

So, enjoy the extra coverage while you have it because in most of the United States people begin to shed their extra locks in mid-August when the weather starts to cool. For those of you who live in a part of the United States that cool earlier, the shedding of you hair begins even earlier.

Dr. Fusco maintains that the amount of hair lost is based on location, not your body. And distinct areas of the planet may have different summit hair shedding seasons based on the time of the entire year.

This does not mean that men or women who suffer from a medical condition that causes hair loss will see any benefits from the summer season, but for those with healthy scalp conditions, you will be fighting humidity for the next few months.