Healthy Snacks: Making Sure You’re Snacking the Right Way!


Healthy Snacks: Making Sure You’re Snacking the Right Way

Dieting is never easy, but it is especially hard if you only diet and never snack. Snacking helps you ward off urges to break your healthy diet during the day, and can help you satisfy cravings, so you will eat less when it is time to sit down for a meal.

We have put together a few, easy to follow snack rules to help you on your weight loss journey. Stick with these, and you will be conquering that fat in no time!

1. Measure your Food

One big mistake people make is eating food directly from a container, or straight from the box. Just because you are eating cereal that is healthy if you are grabbing handfuls you have no way of knowing how many calories you are ingesting. You also tend to continue eating whether you are hungry or not. Disciplining yourself to measure your food will help you keep track of how many calories you are taking in on a daily basis.

Healthy Snacks: Making Sure You're Snacking the Right Way

2. Do not eat snacks as a meal.

Snacks are supposed to be eaten as just that, snacks. A healthy and well-balanced diet consists of three healthy meals, with snacks filling in the gaps between meals. Our bodies are tricky, eating too few calories a day will have the same effect as having too many. Your body will store fat if it does not get enough food, so not eating enough can make you gain weight, the same as eating too many calories. So do not think that you are doing yourself a favor by eating eight servings of celery a day. You will be starving and do more harm than good.

Healthy Snacks: Making Sure You're Snacking the Right Way


3. Listen to your cravings

If you have a craving that you just can’t shake, you aren’t going to be able to shake it. This is the classic “I don’t want to fall asleep syndrome.” If you are trying to stay awake, your body will force you to sleep, simply because you are thinking about sleep. The same goes for your diet. If your body is telling you need something sweet like chocolate, it will not give up until you give in. Just make sure you have a diet friendly option available, and only eat enough to satisfy your craving. Overindulging can be easy to do if you deny your body something that it likes, so be careful.

Healthy Snacks: Making Sure You're Snacking the Right Way

4. Consider The Calories

Snacking is easy if you are choosing the right snacks. If you keep your snacking sessions between 150 and 200 calories, you will lose weight. Consider snacking on foods with negative calories. You can eat as much of those foods as often as you want and you will actually burn fat doing it! For a list of foods with negative calories, click Here!

Narong Jongsirikul- Healthy Snacks: Making Sure You're Snacking the Right Way

5. Drink plenty of water

When you are dieting, water may be the most important aspect of your diet. Water keeps you hydrated, flushes you out, and can help ease cravings by making you feel full. Combine water with a healthy snack, and you will not overdo it with your snack, and you may not be as hungry at mealtime. For more on the benefits of water, click Here!

If you follow these quick and easy snacking tips, you will be on your way to a healthy and happy weight loss, Happy Snacking!