How To Achieve The Perfect Makeup Look


Contrary to popular belief, no one has perfect skin. Not even the supermodels. Everyone is cursed with the occasional blemish, dark spot, or uneven tone. Perfect skin is a myth, but a perfect makeup look isn’t. There are ways to look flawless without spending hours and hundreds of dollars at Sephora. All you really need to create a great makeup look is foundation, primer, concealer, highlighter, a setting spray and a few simple makeup tools. Here’s how to make sure your makeup looks flawless:

Find The Right Shade

Before you even start applying makeup, make sure you have the right shade for your skin tone. I recommend asking the makeup technician at the store you’re buying your makeup from. They’ll be able to match your skin perfectly! But, if you insist on doing it alone remember this: Foundation should match your skin! It shouldn’t be a couple shades lighter than your skin or a couple shades darker — it should BE your skin tone. To test a shade, compare it to the color underneath your eyes or around your nose. If the shade pretty much disappears into your skin when your rub, then it’s a perfect match!