Instagram Your Food To Lose Weight!


Instagram Your Food To Lose Weight!

A study by the University of Washington examined how Instagram users turn to posting pictures of the food they eat to track consumption and meet weight reduction goals.

Researchers performed in-depth interviews with 16 Instagram users who report regularly recording and sharing images of what they eat on the social network website. Study participants said about the advantages and problems Instagram use to achieve their diet and workout goals.

The advantage of pictures is that it is more fun to do than taking out a brochure or typing hundreds of words of explanation within an application, Christina Chung, a doctorate student at UW human centered design and engineering, said in a news release.

Also, it is more socially appropriate for those who’re attempting to track their diet to snap a photograph of their plate when they are out with buddies, everybody’s doing it, and it does not look weird.”. The Instagram users in the study snapped images of what they ate throughout the day and posted them on the website rather than utilizing conventional food publications or applications which require users to log everything they eat.

They reported it makes them more accountable by posting photos every day. Whenever you only have one information stage pizza or a donut, it is easy to justify that away as a special event, Sean Munson, an associate professor of human-centered design and engineering at UW, he said. But whenever you see an entire tiled grid of them, you’ve to say to yourself, Wait, I do not have got that many special days.'”. Participants also documented that the social and psychological support they obtained from other Instagram users helped them to adhere to their goals. Researchers found that users who met their weight reduction goals were able to preserve their goals by posting on Instagram and helping to mentor and motivate others.

Remember that if you are going to try this, you have to be honest and share everything, that is the only way to truly hold yourself accountable for what you eat.