Ladder Drill Workout

1469117699-IMG_0192Summer is here already! What a great reason to take it outside and try something new!
Ladder drills are a great way to keep your High Intensity Interval Training sessions fresh and challenging.
There are a million ways to use these flat-run agility ladders, but I’ve outlined my favorite way to use them below.  It ends up being a 15 minute HIIT session, that is quick and will have your heart rate pumping by the end.
Ballin’ on a budget? Didn’t bring your ladder with you? No problem! You can easily place tape on the floor in lines that would mimic a ladder and still get in a great workout.
Why This Workout Is So Effective
Athletes have been using these drills for years because they are so effective at working the heart, core, legs, and glutes.
The explosive movements require an engaged core and laser focus. The precise and repetitive actions of this HIIT workout help build hand-eye coordination too.
You already know how effective HIIT is to a well-balanced fitness plan. This little workout packs a punch!