The Only Move You Need For Powerful Arms and Shredded Abs!

Get Shredded!

Your core in one of the most important aspects when you are performing at a high level or trying to get stronger and looking and feeling better about yourself. But when it comes to core training, people often neglect to work their cores the way that they should.

Your core does a lot for your entire body, including stabilizing your spine and pelvis, transferring energy between your lower and upper body and moving the spine. If you have a weak core, you are not going to hit your potential everywhere else.

So what can you do to make sure you are getting the most from your core workout? Start out simple, using stability drills like the plank, side plank, and push-up (which is a dynamic plank.) You need to develop your base level of strength, and then move on to more challenging tasks.

You need to do training that will simultaneously force you to stabilize the spine across multiple vectors and encourage a smooth transfer of energy from your lower to your upper body. This is called the tripod push-pull, and all you need is a band or cable system.

First, you will need to set up the Tripod Push-Pull, and this done by using what’s called a one-arm crawl position. For this position, you get down on your hands and knees, then lift your knees about an inch off the ground. Only your hands and toes will have contact with the floor. Lift one arm off of the ground, being careful not to tilt or shift your pelvis.

Now, how to do it: Keep your cable or band anchored behind you, while performing a shoulder press keeping your neutral spine position, so the only thing moving is your arm. Your stabilizer muscles will be working hard to keeping you in that straight-ahead torso position, and this puts your core through the gauntlet. It’s ok to put your knees on the ground if you’re having trouble from the beginning so that you can get used to the movement.

You should do three to five sets of eight reps on each arm, using a challenging weight (or making sure your band tense enough for a challenge). You can do this as part of your regular workouts, or swap it in for pull-ups or your military press two or three times a week.

Why should you do it? This move trains anti-rotation through the one-arm crawl position, plus it hits anti-lateral flexion (the best way to train those beach-body obliques). Why should you do it? This move trains anti-rotation through the one-arm crawl position, plus it hits anti-lateral flexion (the best way to train those beach-body obliques). Finally, you get the bonus of firing up your shoulder muscles while sparing your joints by performing an upper-body push exercise in the vertical plane.

Once you get the first technique down, flip it and reverse it. Pull the band toward you instead of pushing it away. By using this move, you’re working your lats and protecting your joints that are usually taking a beating on pulling exercises.

Pair this technique with a healthy diet, and you will keep your joints healthier, your core will be stable, and you will see more benefits than if you are using sit-ups or crunches, and you will have better-looking abs to show for it.