Snowed In? You Can Still “HIIT” the Gym (Sort Of)!

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Yes, there is a blizzard waging war on the east coast right now, but just because you are snowed in, that doesn’t mean that you still can’t get in a great workout. The best part is you don’t even need any equipment! All you need is 20 minutes and the motivation to get moving.

We understand how you feel, Snow days are meant for Netflix binges, sweatpants, coffee and face masks, but you don’t want to end your trend of making it to the gym each day for your high impact training. Just because it is snowing, you shouldn’t give your body a pass, especially if losing one day might lead to one more and then one more, etc.

All you need to make this workout happen in space, twenty minutes and the motivation to get up off of the couch. Once you have made up you mind to make this happen, we have the calorie burning HIIT routine that is perfect for a snow day.

HIIT (or high-intensity interval training) burns more calories in less time by alternating spurts of vigorous activity with short recovery periods. So you will still have plenty of time to binge your favorite shows or check your email. Just burn some fat first, that will make you feel better mentally.

Below, Dara Theodore from New York City fitness studio “The Fhitting Room” shares her 20-minute routine that will show you everything you need to know on using your body weight to tone your entire body by using moves like rolling squat jumps,  alternating lunge jumps, bicycle crunches and side planks. And in less than an hour, you can get back to binge town.

Bonus: According to the Mayo Clinic, HIIT workouts like Dara’s, reverse signs of aging all the way down to the cellular level, and that’s pretty productive for a snow day. So stop procrastinating and get to it!