Summer Fashion Trends You Should Already Know About


With summer officially starting in June, this means you should start clearing out your closet and putting all your winter and spring clothes into a box. It’s summertime! Which means it’s time to say goodbye to old trends, and hello to new trends. Get ahead of the game (and your friends) and start to implement these summer trends now, before everyone else does. 

Wicker Bags

Wicker bags are quickly on their way to becoming the hottest new accessory. If you haven’t seen one of these bags on Instagram in the recent weeks, you’re not following the right people. These wicker bags, typically seen in oval/circle shapes, are versatile and chic. Oh, and not too expensive either. Depending on where you look, you can find a wicker bag for as low as $40. Who would’ve thought wicker bags would be fashionable? Not me! But here we are, watching it happen.