Tips For Turning An Introvert Into An Extrovert


Introverts tend to keep to themselves. They’re quiet, observers who typically lose energy the more time they spend with other people. Extroverts, on the other hand, are the exact opposite — they gain energy the more time they spend with other people. Extroverts are full of life. They’re talkative, energetic, and usually very charismatic. Sure, it might sound pretty nice to be extroverted. But extroverts aren’t better than introverts. No personality trait is necessarily “better” than another.

There’s nothing wrong being an introvert. However, we live in a very extroverted world and, sometimes, it pays to have an extroverted personality. Or at least, be able to channel some extroverted personality traits. Here are a few tips that’ll help make you a more extroverted personality, when it matters:

Study Extroverts

Odds are, you know a couple of extroverts. You probably even work with a few. Study them. Watch the way they talk, the way they listen, their facial expressions and gestures. Extroverts are typically very engaging when they speak. Whether it’s because their voice is confident or they just know how to tell a story, extroverts can hold an audience’s attention. Watch and mimic so you too can be just as captivating. What I find to be helpful, for shyer personalities, is to think of communicating with someone else as a sort of performance. Pretend to be someone a little different from yourself so that you won’t be as nervous.