Top Fitness App/Trackers in 2017


We all need a little extra motivation these days when it comes to health goals. These days there is a fitness app/tracker to motivate us to do an abundance of things. From walking more miles, eating more or fewer calories, lift more weights, and even rolls out a meal plan for us. If you are trying to get healthy this year apps and trackers are ideal for a successful health journey.

1. MyFitnessPal

I think everyone who has ever started a health and fitness journey has come across this fitness app staple. This app is 100% free and holds you accountable for your calorie intake. MyFitness adds all the calories that you eat per day and will warn you if you are falling short or over your calorie intake based on the fitness goal that you entered in the app.

Find yourself overeating? This app tracks your daily activity including the number of steps you take. Over eat at lunch and you can make up for it by putting it more time at the gym to burn off those extra calories., and this handy dandy app will let you know when you are back in the “safe zone”. This app is helpful for those who need help to track how much exercise and how many calories it takes to get to weight goal.