Top fitness trends taking off around the world that you should be watching


Fitness is a huge part of everyone’s daily life. Whether you would like to admit it or not most adults spend more time in the gym now more than ever before! So I was wondering what were some of the top fitness trends from around the world? You may be used to a trend in your country, but are there some fitness trends we can borrow and steal from other countries and cultures? Well, the answer is yes! You can always take good pointers from new ideas. So here are the top fitness trends from around the world!

1. Electronic Gym Apps

In Germany, there is a constant link between technology and fitness. So it should come as no surprise that linking your workout schedule, get a workout analysis that suits you best, and figure out which of your muscles aren’t being used as much so that you can utilize your whole body. Balance is key and Germans more than any other culture know this! So if you’re looking for a great app that will help you with these things or the eGym app coming out of Germany will be a great help to you. It’s available in English as well.